Anarchy Books publisher Andy Remic has supplied the Robot Trading Company webstore with another eleven ebooks, boosting the Anarchy inventory up to seventeen in total.

Which means you can now buy your DRM-Free, EPub editions of the following great books from the Robot Trading Company:

  • Monstrocity by Jeffrey Thomas – a collection of Punktown Lovecraftian short fiction.
  • The Last Reef by Gareth L. Powell – a short science fiction with an end of the world theme.
  • Silversands by Gareth L. Powell – a science fiction space opera of interstellar intrigue.
  • Trajectory by John S. Barker – a post-Cold War psychological espionage thriller.
  • Serial Killers Incorporated by Andy Remic – a violent, bloody serial killer thriller.
  • New York Nights by Eric Brown – a dark, futuristic noir thriller, Virex Trilogy No.1.
  • New York Blues by Eric Brown – The sequel to New York Nights, Virex Trilogy No.2.
  • Vivisepulture ed. by Andy Remic and Wayne Simmons – an anthology of weird and bizarre tales.
  • Monsters Anonymous by Theresa Derwin – A collection of short horror stories.
  • Young Punks by Paolo Sedazzari – a coming-of-age story set in 1970s London.
  • Dark Asylum by Matthew Cowden – a gothic horror novel of a evil and madness.

Click any of the book titles for more information or visit the Anarchy Books Page at the Robot Trading Company to check out the whole range.